We are excited to release an update on the recent developments of the MoneroV project. Be sure to get updated and check out the community & ambassador program, join the discussion on Telegram and follow us on Twitter.

XMV Mining, Network Hashrate, Exchanges

With the recent adoption of XMV by different mining pools and exchange platforms such as TradeOgre and Crex24, price fluctuations led to a rapid increase in network hash rate. The network is now stable at 4.5-6.5 M/hs.

We invite all solo miners and pools to benefit from the MoneroV network and help with mining decentralization as the XMV blockchain continues to evolve. You can read more on the basics of mining XMV in this Blockonomi article.

It is worth noting that solo miners can only use their CPU’s computing power to mine MoneroV. CryptoNightv7 algorithm is CPU-optimized and takes some advantage away from GPU miners. By mining through XMV desktop wallet, solo miners contribute to the decentralization and resilience of the MoneroV network.

BuildBot, Win 64, Linux and MacOS Wallet Build Fixes

MoneroV uses BuildBot, a highly specialized continuous integration tool, to test the validity of every commit pushed to the official MoneroV repository. The complexity of both the different target platforms and the MoneroV codebase required a dedicated way to compile the source code and test it using a custom BuildBot server rather than using more traditional tools such as TravisCI and Jenkins.

The BuildBot server contains additional virtual servers for Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit, and Linux 64-bit while the MacOS integration testing occurs in a different dedicated live server.

Recently, the Windows virtual servers have been corrupted by the third-party hosting service. While daily backup exists and the virtual servers were restored, there were additional networking issues between the master-slave node and the slaves which caused the build itself to fail tests and be nonresponsive at times, which is crucial to the flow of the build process. Thankfully the DevOps team managed to rapidly resolve these issues and normal operations were restored. The BuildBot fix was crucial for the ultimate goal of fixing Both the Windows and Linux builds that were required by several third-party services.

Additional updates:

  • Warning for clean target added
  • Monerovd now use 100% CPU when running with torsocks
  • Buffer overflow in import_key_images was fixed
  • Pointer build errors were fixed

The team and community are looking forward to expanding the adoption of XMV as a privacy cryptocurrency and blockchain project. You can take part by suggesting improvements, mining, spreading the word or by implementing the MonerovWP plugin on your website.


Join the Team!

We are looking for talented individuals to join the expanding MoneroV team including:

  • C++ developer with at least two years of Qt experience and experience with blockchain protocols. Full or part-time work opportunity to work on the MoneroV GUI.
  • Community and outreach manager with proven knowledge working on a CryptoNote / Privacy based blockchain project. Help expand social media reach, outreach campaigns and be in charge of 3rd party merchant integration (to include XMV)  from start to finish.


Be sure to get in touch! Official MoneroV links:


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