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What Percentage of Bitcoin Is Owned by China?

As of September 2019, it is estimated that approximately 30% of all Bitcoin (BTC) is owned by Chinese investors. This is a significant increase from just a few years ago when China only accounted for around 5% of the global BTC market.

There are a number of reasons for this surge in Chinese investment, including the country’s volatile stock market and the recent crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges by the Chinese government. Despite these risks, many Chinese investors remain bullish on Bitcoin as a long-term investment.

There are a number of reasons for the increase in Chinese investment in Bitcoin. Firstly, the stock market in China has been extremely volatile in recent years, making many investors nervous about putting their money into traditional stocks and shares.

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Secondly, the Chinese government has cracked down on cryptocurrency exchanges in the country, making it more difficult for investors to buy and sell digital currencies.

The most recent data from CoinMarketCap shows that there are over three million BTC addresses registered in China. This is a significant increase from just a few years ago when the number was closer to one million.

With such a large number of investors now holding Bitcoin, it is no surprise that China now accounts for such a large percentage of the global BTC market.

It is difficult to predict what will happen to the price of Bitcoin in the future, but it is clear that China will continue to play a major role in the cryptocurrency market. With increasing numbers of investors turning to Bitcoin as a safe haven from the volatile stock market, it is likely that the percentage of BTC owned by Chinese investors will continue to grow in the coming years.

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