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Is Bitcoin Legal in China?

Since China’s Central Bank issued a ban on cryptocurrency trading in early September, the country’s bitcoin exchanges have been shut down, leaving bitcoin users without a way to buy or sell the digital currency. The ban was imposed as part of a crackdown on initial coin offerings (ICOs), which have become a popular way for startUPS to raise money by issuing digital tokens.

While the ban has put a stop to ICOs and cryptocurrency trading in China, it’s still legal to own and use bitcoin in the country. There’s no law that explicitly states that bitcoin is illegal, and while the Chinese government has made it clear that it’s not a fan of the digital currency, it hasn’t taken any steps to block access to Bitcoin websites or prohibit people from holding bitcoins.

Despite the fact that owning and using bitcoin is legal in China, the country’s central bank has taken steps to make it more difficult to buy and sell bitcoins. In February, the Central Bank issued guidelines that restricted Chinese banks from doing business with cryptocurrency exchanges.

NOTE: WARNING: Bitcoin is not considered legal tender in China and is not supported by the Chinese government. It is illegal for Chinese financial institutions to offer services related to Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Additionally, there are restrictions on the purchase and use of Bitcoin in China. It is highly recommended that you research the legal regulations in China before engaging in any cryptocurrency-related activities.

As a result of these guidelines, several major Chinese exchanges stopped accepting deposits from Chinese bank accounts.

The Chinese government has also cracked down on Bitcoin mining, which is the process by which new bitcoins are created. In January, the government ordered all Bitcoin mines to obtain a license from the local power authority.

And in February, the government ordered three of China’s largest Bitcoin mines to stop operations.

Despite these crackdowns, there are still many people in China who own and use bitcoins. And while the future of Bitcoin in China is uncertain, it’s still legal to own and use bitcoins in the country.

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