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What Is BSI Level Bitcoin?

BSI is a process of assessing the security of Bitcoin wallets. It is an open source method that was created by the Bitcoin community in order to help people better understand which wallets are more secure than others.

The BSI Level is determined by how many of the 12 factors are met by a given wallet. .

NOTE: Warning: BSI Level Bitcoin is a term used to describe the security level of a Bitcoin wallet or service. It is not a type of cryptocurrency, and it should not be confused with Bitcoin. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries significant risks and you should always do your own research before investing.

The 12 factors are:

1. The wallet must be open source.
2. The wallet must be HD (hierarchical deterministic).
3. The wallet must support multiple signatures.
4. The wallet must have a strong focus on security.
5. The wallet must have strong privacy features.
6. The wallet must have good customer support.

7. The wallet must have an active development team.
8. The wallet must have a clean and easy to use interface.
9. The wallet must be available on multiple platforms.
10. The wallet must have a good reputation within the Bitcoin community.
11. The wallet must have a good track record with regards to security and privacy breaches.
12. The wallet must have a clear and transparent roadmap for future development.”.

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