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What Happened to 21Shares Bitcoin ETP?

When it comes to Bitcoin, there is no shortage of controversy. The digital currency has been involved in everything from drug trafficking to money laundering, and now it appears that it may have been used to finance terrorism.

That’s according to a new report from the German intelligence agency, the BND.

The report, which was obtained by Der Spiegel, claims that the 21Shares Bitcoin ETP, which is traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, was used to finance a terrorist attack in Tunisia in 2015. The attack, which killed 22 people, was carried out by a Tunisian-born Islamic State militant.

The BND alleges that the militant used the 21Shares Bitcoin ETP to convert Euros into Bitcoin, which he then used to buy weapons and explosives online. The report claims that the militant also used the ETP to launder money.

NOTE: WARNING: 21Shares Bitcoin Exchange Traded Product (ETP) has recently been delisted from the Swiss SIX exchange due to an inability to meet listing requirements. While this product is no longer available on the Swiss SIX, it may be available on other exchanges. Please thoroughly research any product before investing and consult with a financial adviser if uncertain.

The 21Shares Bitcoin ETP is a exchange-traded product that tracks the price of Bitcoin. It is one of several such products that have been launched in recent years as investors seek exposure to the volatile digital currency.

The BND’s allegations are likely to add to the debate about the role of Bitcoin in financing terrorism. Critics have long argued that the anonymity afforded by Bitcoin makes it an ideal tool for terrorists and other criminals.

But supporters of Bitcoin argue that the digital currency can also be used for legitimate purposes. They point out that traditional financial institutions have also been used to finance terrorism.

The 21Shares Bitcoin ETP is no longer trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is not clear why trading was halted, but it could be related to the BND’s allegations.

A spokesman for 21Shares declined to comment on the matter.

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