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What Is 21Shares Bitcoin ETP?

21Shares Bitcoin ETP is an exchange-traded product that tracks the price of Bitcoin. It is traded on the Swiss Stock Exchange and is backed by physical bitcoins.

21Shares is the first company to offer a physically-backed Bitcoin ETP and is one of the largest providers of crypto-assets.

Bitcoin ETPs are a new way to invest in Bitcoin and offer some advantages over traditional investment methods such as buying bitcoins directly or investing in a Bitcoin ETF.

Bitcoin ETPs are:

– Exchange traded: ETPs are traded on exchanges just like stocks, making them easy to buy and sell.

NOTE: 21Shares Bitcoin ETP (Exchange Traded Product) is an investment product that allows investors to gain exposure to the price of Bitcoin without taking on the risks associated with buying, holding and selling digital currencies. While 21Shares Bitcoin ETP can be a useful tool for investors, it also carries certain risks that should be considered before investing. Specifically, 21Shares Bitcoin ETP is not a regulated product, and there may be no protection against losses in the event of fraud or other issues. Furthermore, the value of these products can fluctuate significantly due to volatility in Bitcoin prices, which may result in significant losses. Therefore, all investors should exercise caution and research carefully before investing in 21Shares Bitcoin ETP.

– Physically backed: 21Shares’ Bitcoin ETP is backed by physical bitcoins, meaning that the value of the ETP is directly linked to the price of Bitcoin.

– Regulated: ETPs are regulated products, providing investors with peace of mind that their investment is safe.

– Transparent: The price of an ETP is transparent and easy to track, making it a good way to invest in Bitcoin without having to worry about the volatile price.

The 21Shares Bitcoin ETP is a great way for investors to get exposure to Bitcoin without having to deal with the volatility or hassle of buying and storing bitcoins themselves.

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