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What Does Warren Buffett Say About Ethereum?

Last year, at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting, Buffett said he didn’t own any cryptocurrency and wouldn’t recommend it to others. “I can say almost with certainty that cryptocurrencies will come to a bad end,” he said at the time.

That doesn’t mean that Buffett is against all digital currencies. In fact, he’s a big fan of Ethereum.

At a recent conference, Buffett said that he believes Ethereum is a “miracle”. He praised the cryptocurrency for its ability to create smart contracts and for its potential to change the world.

NOTE: WARNING: Investing in Ethereum (or any other cryptocurrency) is highly speculative and carries a high degree of risk. Before investing, you should do your own research and consult a qualified financial professional to determine whether investing in Ethereum is suitable for you. Warren Buffett has not commented publicly on Ethereum, and his views may not reflect the views of the general public.

Buffett is not alone in his praise of Ethereum. Many experts believe that Ethereum is the most promising cryptocurrency on the market today.

And with good reason: Ethereum has the largest market cap of any cryptocurrency, and it’s still growing.

So what does Warren Buffett say about Ethereum? He thinks it has the potential to be a “miracle”.

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