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What Does Michael Saylor Think of Ethereum?

Michael Saylor is the CEO of MicroStrategy, a publicly traded business intelligence company. He is also a bitcoin advocate and has invested $1.

3 billion of the company’s cash reserves into bitcoin.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Saylor spoke about his views on Ethereum and other altcoins. He said that he thinks Ethereum is “interesting” but he is not sure if it will be successful in the long run.

NOTE: WARNING: It is important to note that the views and opinions expressed in any article or post about Michael Saylor’s thoughts on Ethereum are solely those of the author or poster and not necessarily those of Michael Saylor himself. Therefore, any information obtained from such sources should be taken with a grain of salt. Please do your own research before making any decisions regarding Ethereum investments.

He also said that he does not think that altcoins will replace Bitcoin, but they could complement it.

When asked about his thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency, Saylor said that he thinks it is still early days and we are still in the “Wild West” phase. He said that there is a lot of speculation and hype right now, but he thinks that the technology will eventually mature and become more mainstream.

So what does Michael Saylor think of Ethereum? He thinks it is interesting but is not sure if it will be successful in the long run. He also believes that altcoins could complement Bitcoin, but they are not likely to replace it.

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