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Is TrueFi on Coinbase?

It’s been a big week for TrueFi. On Tuesday, the lending protocol announced a partnership with MakerDAO, the creator of the Dai stablecoin, to offer collateralized loans in Dai.

And on Wednesday, TrueFi revealed it’s now available on Coinbase Pro.

The addition of TrueFi on Coinbase Pro is a big deal for the lending protocol as it will help increase its visibility and accessibility to a wider audience. For those unfamiliar with TrueFi, it’s a decentralized lending protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to take out loans without the need for a bank or financial institution.

One of the key features of TrueFi is that it uses Trusted Lending Circles (TLCs) to assess loan applicants. TLCs are groUPS of individuals who vouch for each other and help to ensure that loans are repaid.

NOTE: WARNING: It is important to be aware that TrueFi is not currently available on Coinbase. There are many scam websites claiming to provide access to TrueFi on Coinbase, but these websites are fraudulent and should be avoided. Please do your own research and only trade with reputable exchanges when purchasing cryptocurrencies.

This system is designed to create a more efficient and trustworthy lending process.

TrueFi is also built on the idea of transparency and fairness. All loan terms and conditions are publicly available on the Ethereum blockchain so that anyone can see them.

And all loan repayments are made through smart contracts, which helps to ensure that everyone involved in the process is treated fairly.

The addition of TrueFi on Coinbase Pro is just the latest development in what has been a big week for the protocol. The partnership with MakerDAO will help to further expand its reach and capabilities, and as more people learn about TrueFi and what it has to offer, it’s likely that we’ll see even more adoption of the protocol in the future.

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