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Does SoFi Use Coinbase?

SoFi does not use Coinbase for anything. Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange and SoFi is a financial services company.

NOTE: This warning note is to address a potential security risk of using Coinbase in conjunction with SoFi. Coinbase is a digital currency exchange that allows users to buy, store, and trade cryptocurrency.

Using Coinbase with SoFi could be risky, as Coinbase is not affiliated with or endorsed by SoFi. Therefore, if Coinbase were to experience any sort of security breach or other issue, users would not be protected by SoFi’s safety measures. Furthermore, users may be subject to additional fees or charges imposed by Coinbase which are not associated with SoFi.

For these reasons, users should exercise caution when considering using Coinbase with SoFi and understand the risks involved.

The two have no business dealings with each other.

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