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Is Surge Inu on Coinbase?

As of right now, there is no indication that Coinbase will be adding Surge Inu to its platform. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t happen in the future, it does seem unlikely in the near term.

This is likely due to a number of factors, including the fact that Surge Inu is a relatively new project and doesn’t have the same level of name recognition as some of the other coins on Coinbase. Additionally, Coinbase has been focused on adding more established coins like Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic in recent months.

NOTE: WARNING: This is a scam. Do not attempt to purchase Surge Inu on Coinbase. Coinbase does not currently offer any cryptocurrency products related to Surge Inu and is not affiliated with the project in any way. If you receive any messages or emails claiming otherwise, do not respond and report the incident immediately.

That said, there are still a number of reasons to be bullish on Surge Inu. The coin has a strong community behind it and is already listing on a number of major exchanges.

If it can continue to gain traction, there’s a good chance that Coinbase will eventually take notice.

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