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Will XVG Be on Coinbase?

The popular cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, is constantly adding new coins and tokens to its platform. Recently, it was announced that 0x (ZRX) would be added to Coinbase Pro.

This sent the prices of ZRX soaring, as many investors believe that when a coin is added to Coinbase, it is only a matter of time before it is added to the main Coinbase platform. So, the question on everyone’s mind is, will XVG be next.

NOTE: WARNING: As of this writing, there is currently no indication that Verge (XVG) will be added to Coinbase exchange. Any speculation about XVG being on Coinbase is purely speculative and may not be accurate. Investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky endeavor and investors should be aware of the potential for losses.

Coinbase has been tight-lipped about which coins they are considering adding in the future. However, there are a few factors that suggest XVG could be next in line.

For one, XVG is a top 20 coin by market cap and is one of the most traded coins on Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, XVG has a strong community following and has been added to a number of major exchanges in the past year.

Coinbase has not yet announced when they will add any new coins to their platform. However, if they do add XVG in the near future, it is likely that the price of XVG will increase significantly.

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