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Is Coinbase Still Down?

As of this writing, Coinbase is still down for some users. The website is displaying a message that says “We’re currently experiencing degraded performance.

” Some users are reporting that they are able to log in and use the site, while others are reporting that they are unable to log in or access their account.

NOTE: WARNING: Coinbase is not currently running normally. Please do not attempt to use Coinbase until further notice. Do not enter any personal, financial, or account information while Coinbase is down as this could put your information at risk. Additionally, be aware that Coinbase may never be restored and any funds stored in your Coinbase account may be lost.

Coinbase has been down for several hours now, and there is no word on when the site will be back up and running again. This is causing frustration for many users, as Coinbase is one of the most popular ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

It is unclear what is causing the outage, but it appears to be affecting users around the world. Coinbase has not yet released a statement on the matter.

We will update this article as more information becomes available.

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