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Is Coinbase Pro the Same as GDAX?

Coinbase Pro is a cryptocurrency exchange that is operated by Coinbase. It is a rebranded version of GDAX, which was created in 2016.

Coinbase Pro offers a more advanced trading platform than Coinbase, with features that are designed for professional traders.

NOTE: Coinbase Pro (formerly known as GDAX) is NOT the same as GDAX. Coinbase Pro is an updated version of GDAX, providing a more advanced and sophisticated trading platform for crypto traders. Those who are familiar with GDAX should be aware that Coinbase Pro has different features and functions than its predecessor, so it is important to review the features before using Coinbase Pro.

Coinbase Pro has a few key differences from Coinbase. First, Coinbase Pro only supports trading of cryptocurrencies, while Coinbase also allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies.

Second, Coinbase Pro has a more sophisticated trading platform than Coinbase, with tools and features that are designed for professional traders. Finally, Coinbase Pro charges lower fees than Coinbase.

Overall, Coinbase Pro is a more advanced and cheaper version of Coinbase. It is geared towards professional traders, and offers a number of features that are not available on Coinbase.

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