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Is GDAX a Coinbase?

GDAX is a US-based digital asset exchange offering cryptocurrency trading against the US Dollar, Euro, and British Pound. The exchange is owned and operated by Coinbase, Inc. and was launched in 2016. GDAX offers an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies with confidence.

NOTE: GDAX is an advanced trading platform owned and operated by Coinbase, Inc. However, it is not recommended to purchase or trade on GDAX directly through Coinbase. As GDAX is a separate entity from Coinbase, it has different account requirements and security protocols in place. Therefore, if you are considering using GDAX for trading or purchasing cryptocurrencies, it is important to create a separate account on GDAX and follow its own security protocols.

The exchange offers a host of features such as an advanced trading interface, margin trading, and a mobile app. GDAX is one of the few exchanges that offer insured custodial wallets for its users.

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