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How Do I View Charts in Coinbase?

Assuming you are referring to viewing charts of your own Coinbase account activity:

To view charts of your Coinbase account activity, log in to your account on the Coinbase website and select the “Activity” tab. On the Activity page, you will see a chart of your account activity, including your recent transactions and their status.

NOTE: Warning: Coinbase charts can be misleading and should not be used as a primary source when making trading decisions. It is important to independently research and consider all available data before making any trades. Additionally, Coinbase charts may not provide real-time data or comprehensive market analysis, so it is important to use additional sources for more accurate market information.

You can also use the filters on the left side of the page to view specific types of activity, such as only completed transactions or only pending transactions.

If you want to view a chart of cryptocurrency prices, select the “Prices” tab at the top of the Coinbase website. On the Prices page, you will see a chart of the current prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin (the three cryptocurrencies currently supported by Coinbase).

You can use the drop-down menu at the top of the chart to view prices in different currencies, such as US dollars or Euros.

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