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How Do I See Activity on Coinbase?

If you’re a new Coinbase user, you may be wondering how to check the activity on your account. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

When you log in to your Coinbase account, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a menu.

Click on the “Activity” tab.

Here, you’ll be able to see all of the activity on your account, including recent transactions, buy and sell orders, and deposits and withdrawals. You can also search for specific activity by date or type.

NOTE: WARNING: Coinbase is a digital currency exchange that allows users to transfer, purchase, and store digital currencies. It is important to note that activity on Coinbase can be seen by anyone with access to the cryptocurrency network or the Coinbase platform. Therefore, it is important to always take caution when dealing with cryptocurrency and other digital assets. Be sure to keep your personal information secure and never share your login credentials with anyone.

If you want to see more detailed information about a particular transaction, just click on it. You’ll be able to see things like the time of the transaction, the amount involved, and the current status of the transaction (pending, completed, etc.

That’s all there is to it! Now that you know how to check the activity on your Coinbase account, you can keep track of all your crypto-related activity in one place.

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