As we are approaching the fork block height (#1564965) and the community is expanding every day, the MoneroV hard-fork has gained extensive support from across the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Since our latest announcement, the team has made significant progress with development, alongside additional exchange and third-party services support.

The hard-fork split event is on target and will not be delayed. We are dedicated and excited to realizing the vision of a truly decentralized & finite privacy currency for the community.

Updates and Clarifications

+ Many exchanges and services have already announced their support of the MoneroV fork. These include HitBTC, CoinEx, BTC-alpha, Coinroom, Ovis & Octaex among others. We are happy to be one of the most supported coins and forks by exchanges, introducing major cooperations a month prior to the chain-split event. Additional listings will be officially announced soon.

+ MoneroV incorporated a new unique difficulty adjustment algorithm that will mitigate attacks on the network including block mining difficulty manipulations and lagging, as was the case in the Monero blockchain after the April 6th update.

+ The previous concern of invalidating inputs was fully resolved as we have included the shared ring database (“ringdb”) feature that was created by the Monero team. Essentially, any previous privacy concern was mitigated altogether.

+ MoneroV incorporates the new cryptonight algorithm variation for mitigating ASIC mining. MoneroV is not related to any coin and will have its own (decentralized) development path.

+ Official MoneroV mining pools have already been tested and are ready for the launch.

+ Two-way replay protection is in place. Transactions on the Monero blockchain will not be able to be replayed on the MoneroV blockchain and vice versa.

+ MoneroV’s community is growing rapidly! We have launched the community & ambassador program. Be sure to check it out and join the discussion on Telegram and follow us on Twitter.

+ MoneroV’s source code, including the MoneroV GUI wallet, the MoneroV daemon, and all other dependencies will be 100% open sourced and published on Github publicly for the community to audit before it is released in a downloadable form. Claims of closed-source software are false.

We are extremely glad with the progress up until now and look forward to a successful hard-fork that will mark the creation of MoneroV.

Important Notes

+ The fork date is an estimation. The chain-split would take place on block height #1564965, which due to the block lagging of Monero’s software update might occur a day or two later than expected. Keep track of the block height and pay attention to updates on our social channels. Be sure to hold Monero locally or with a supporting exchange as we approach the block. If a third party stores your Monero, you will need to inquire with them about crediting you with MoneroV (XMV) at a 1:10 ratio.

Practice safe forking. Beware any wallet that is not the official, open-source MoneroV wallet that will be published here on our website ( Never insert your private keys into any website, closed-source software, Google form or anything else except for the official open-sourced MoneroV GUI wallet.

+ You can create a new wallet for this fork, and claim XMV anytime in the future using credentials of an empty Monero wallet that had XMR at the time of the snapshot. Keep a backup of your mnemonic private key (seed key) or both your private spending key and private view key to extract your XMV. Be sure to contact your web-based wallet (or others) for the availability of these sets of keys.

+ The only reason the MoneroV GUI wallet source code will not be publicly released sooner (except to third-party services) is to prevent phishing attempts using a cloned MoneroV GUI wallet. This is a common practice similar to previous notable hard-fork events.

+ We will never ask you to register on any form/website that promises an ‘airdrop’ of MoneroV. The only XMV coins that will be generated are copy-imaged of the XMR coins the wallets at the time of the snapshot hold. You will never be asked or required to pay for anything at any time. You should never insert your private keys into any website, closed-source software, Google form or anything else except the official open-sourced MoneroV GUI wallet. Never send funds in any form to anyone.

We wanted to thank the community and supporters that are making this happen! If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us, or see the recent FAQ and updates post for more information.

Be sure to get in touch! Official MoneroV links:


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Official Website

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Github (Repository roll-out) 

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Official ANN Thread

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