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Can 4GB GPUs Still Mine Ethereum?

As Ethereum’s price continues to rise, so does the profitability of mining it. This has led many people to start mining Ethereum, even with 4GB GPUs.

4GB GPUs can still mine Ethereum, but their profitability will decrease as the DAG size increases. The DAG size is directly related to the number of epochs that have passed since the genesis block.

As more epochs pass, the DAG size will continue to increase, and 4GB GPUs will eventually become unprofitable for mining Ethereum.

NOTE: Warning: Mining Ethereum with 4GB GPUs can prove to be difficult because Ethereum’s mining algorithms require more memory than 4GB GPUs have. Furthermore, the small amount of memory can lead to poor mining performance and slower returns. For those wishing to mine Ethereum, it is recommended that 8GB or higher GPUs are used.

If you’re thinking about starting to mine Ethereum with a 4GB GPU, you should do so now while profitability is still high. However, be aware that your GPU may eventually become unprofitable for mining Ethereum, and you may need to upgrade to a higher-end GPU in order to continue earning a profit.

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