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Will Tron Be on Coinbase?

It’s been a big year for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has surged to new all-time highs and Ethereum has grown to become the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Meanwhile, a number of high-profile altcoins have also seen significant gains. One of the most notable examples is Tron (TRX), which is up over 3,500% since the start of the year.

This massive price increase has led to a lot of speculation about whether or not Tron will be added to Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. While Coinbase has not yet announced any plans to add Tron to its platform, there are a number of factors that suggest it could happen in the near future.

First, Coinbase has been on a bit of an altcoin buying spree lately. In the past few months, the exchange has added a number of new coins, including Ethereum Classic, Zcash, and 0x.

These additions suggest that Coinbase is open to listing a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

Second, Tron has seen a tremendous amount of growth in both its price and its fundamentals. The project now has over 2 million users and is processing over 1 million transactions per day.

NOTE: Warning! Coinbase is not affiliated with or endorsed by Will Tron. Any claims of Will Tron being available on Coinbase are unsubstantiated and should be treated with caution. Trading or investing in cryptocurrency carries significant risk and could result in the loss of funds. Please consult a financial advisor before engaging in any cryptocurrency related activities.

This level of adoption is sure to attract the attention of Coinbase and other major exchanges.

Third, Tron founder Justin Sun is well-connected in the cryptocurrency world. He is close friends with Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, and he frequently promotes Tron on Twitter.

This kind of high-level exposure could help convince Coinbase to list TRX.

fourth and final reason why Coinbase may add Tron is that the coin meets all of the exchange’s listing criteria. Coinbase requires that coins be listed on multiple exchanges, have a market capitalization of at least $1 billion, and offer utility or value to users.

Tron easily meets these requirements with its listing on Binance, Upbit, OKEx, and others.

All things considered, it seems likely that Coinbase will eventually add Tron to its platform. While there is no guarantee that this will happen anytime soon, Tron’s impressive price growth and fundamentals make it a strong candidate for listing on one of the world’s most popular exchanges.

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