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Will Sandbox Be Listed on Coinbase?

It’s been a big week for cryptocurrency. First, Bitcoin surged to an all-time high of over $19,000 per coin.

Then, Ethereum passed the $1,000 mark. And now, there’s talk that Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, may list Sandbox (SAND), a new Ethereum-based token, on its platform.

This would be a huge development for Sandbox, which is currently only available on a few small exchanges. If Coinbase were to list it, it would undoubtedly lead to a price increase and more mainstream adoption.

However, there are no guarantees that Coinbase will list Sandbox. In the past, the exchange has been very selective about which tokens it lists.

And with so many new tokens being created all the time, it’s impossible to keep up with all of them.

So far, Coinbase has only listed a handful of Ethereum-based tokens: Augur (REP), Basic Attention Token (BAT), and 0x (ZRX). While all three of these tokens are similar to Sandbox in that they’re built on Ethereum and can be used for decentralized applications (dApps), they each have unique features that set them apart.

NOTE: Warning: Coinbase has not officially announced any plans to list Will Sandbox on their platform. Any information or speculation about Coinbase listing Will Sandbox is purely speculative and should not be taken as an official confirmation that this will happen.

For example, Augur is a Prediction Market Protocol while BAT is designed to be used as a unit of exchange for digital advertising.

Given this, it’s hard to say whether or not Coinbase will list Sandbox. However, if we look at the factors that the exchange has considered in the past when listing tokens, Sandbox does seem to have a good chance.

One factor that Coinbase has looked at is whether or not a token is compliant with US securities lAWS. This is something that Sandbox’s team is already working on and they’ve even hired a law firm to help them with the process.

Another factor is whether or not a token has a working product. Once again, Sandbox ticks this box as their platform is already live and operational.

The last factor is community support and engagement. This is where things get a bit more difficult to predict as it’s hard to gauge how much support Sandbox actually has.

However, given that the project was able to raise over $3 million in its seed round from some big-name investors like Arrington XRP Capital and BlockTower Capital, it seems likely that there is at least some level of interest in the project.

So will Coinbase list Sandbox? It’s impossible to say for sure but if we look at the factors that the exchange has considered in the past when listing tokens, it does seem like there’s a good chance.

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