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Will Flare Be on Coinbase?

It’s been a big year for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has surged in value, and new coins are being created all the time. One of the most popular new coins is Flare. Flare is a utility token that powers the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem on the Flare Network.

The Flare Network is a blockchain that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This means that any Ethereum-based smart contract can run on the Flare Network.

Flare has already partnered with some of the biggest names in the DeFi space, including MakerDAO, Compound, and dYdX. These partnerships give Flare users access to a wide range of DeFi services.

NOTE: This is a scam warning about the purported listing of ‘Will Flare’ on Coinbase. Please be aware that Coinbase has not listed, nor does it plan to list, any such asset. Any claims to the contrary are false and likely being used to scam you. Do not send money or provide personal information in response to such claims.

And with more partnerships being announced all the time, it’s clear that the Flare Network is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for all your DeFi needs.

So, will Flare be added to Coinbase? While there’s no official word from Coinbase yet, all signs point to yes. Coinbase has been on a mission to list as many cryptocurrencies as possible, and it seems highly likely that Flare will be added to the platform in the near future.

If you’re looking to get involved with DeFi, then buying some FLR tokens is a great way to do it. And if you’re looking for a place to buy FLR tokens, then Coinbase is likely to be one of the best options.

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