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Will ACH Be on Binance?

It’s been a big week for Binance. They just announced that they will be launching their own US-based exchange, and now there is speculation that ACH may be next.

NOTE: Warning: Binance does not currently list ACH on its platform. There are no guarantees that ACH will be listed on Binance in the future. Investing in cryptocurrencies is highly speculative and involves significant risk. Please exercise extreme caution when considering investing in any cryptocurrency or other financial instrument.

ACH is a popular payment method in the US, and if Binance were to add it as a payment option, it would make sense. Binance is already one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and adding ACH would only make it more accessible to US users.

At this point, it’s all speculation and we don’t know for sure if ACH will be added to Binance. But if they do add it, it would be a big win for both Binance and US crypto users.

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