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Why Did Ethereum Co Founders Leave?

Ethereum co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin have both left the projects they started in order to pursue other interests. This article will explore the reasons why each decided to leave Ethereum and what they are doing now.

Vitalik Buterin, the face of Ethereum, left the project in 2014 after a disagreement on how to handle the funds raised during the Ethereum crowdsale. He was not happy with the way the funds were being used and felt that he could no longer trust the leadership of the project.

NOTE: Warning: Be aware of the potential risks associated with Ethereum Co-Founders leaving. It is important to understand that the reasons for leaving may not always be clear and could be due to disagreements, technological issues, or other factors. Additionally, there may be a lack of clarity as to who is maintaining the Ethereum network and its codebase, which could lead to reduced trust in the project. If you are considering investing in Ethereum, it is important to research all related information before making any decisions.

He has since gone on to found other projects, including Bitcoin Magazine and Global Blockchain Innovative Capital.

Joseph Lubin, one of the original Ethereum co-founders, left in 2016 after disagreements on scaling solutions. He was not happy with the way Ethereum was being developed and felt that it was moving too slowly.

He has since gone on to found ConsenSys, a blockchain software development studio.

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