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Where Is the 12 Word Phrase Coinbase?

In December 2017, Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that it would add support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to its platform. This caused a stir among users, as many were not expecting this move.

Some even accused Coinbase of insider trading, as the price of BCH surged in the days leading up to the announcement.

NOTE: Warning: Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency. It is important to keep your 12 word phrase secure and not share it with anyone. Do not share your 12 word phrase with anyone in any form of communication (including email, text message, or online) as it can lead to potential theft of your funds. If you have shared this information, be sure to revoke access immediately and change your password.

Now, almost a year later, Coinbase has still not added BCH to its platform. This has led many to wonder what happened to the 12-word phrase that was supposed to be used to access BCH funds.

It turns out that the 12-word phrase is actually a recovery phrase for a hardware wallet called Ledger Nano S. This wallet is not supported by Coinbase, which is why the company has not been able to add BCH to its platform.

So where is the 12-word phrase? It’s sitting in a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, waiting to be used.

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