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When Was MDT Listed on Coinbase?

MDT was listed on Coinbase on March 15, 2018.

This was a momentous occasion for the company as it marked the first time that MDT was available on a major cryptocurrency exchange. Prior to this, MDT had only been traded on smaller, lesser-known exchanges.

Being listed on Coinbase gave MDT much more exposure and liquidity, and helped to legitimize it in the eyes of many investors.

NOTE: WARNING: Coinbase does not currently list MDT as a tradable asset. Any information regarding MDT being listed on Coinbase is likely false and may be part of a scam. Do not purchase MDT from any source other than an officially recognized and licensed exchange. Investing in digital assets is highly speculative and carries significant risk.

The listing on Coinbase came at a perfect time for MDT, as it coincided with the launch of its mainnet. This event helped to drive up the price of MDT, and overall interest in the project.

Since being listed on Coinbase, MDT has continued to perform well. The price has remained stable, and trading volume has been consistently high.

This is a positive sign for the future of MDT, and indicates that the listing on Coinbase was a very successful move.

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