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What Will EIP 1559 Do to Ethereum Price?

Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1559, also known as EIP 1559, is a proposed change to the Ethereum network that would change the way transaction fees are calculated and paid. Currently, when a user sends a transaction on the Ethereum network, they must specify a gas price in order to have their transaction processed by miners.

The higher the gas price, the more incentive miners have to include the transaction in the next block.

EIP 1559 would change this system by introducing a base fee that would be burned (destroyed) each time a transaction is made. The base fee would be set by the network and would be dynamic, meaning it could change based on network conditions.

This would create a more efficient system in which users are not required to guess the gas price, and in which miners are more accurately compensated for their work.

It is expected that EIP 1559 will be implemented on the Ethereum mainnet in July of 2020. This proposal has been widely anticipated by the Ethereum community, as it has the potential to reduce congestion on the network and make transaction fees more predictable.

The implementation of EIP 1559 could have a significant impact on the price of Ethereum. If successful, it could reduce congestion on the network and make transactions cheaper and more predictable. This could increase demand for Ethereum and lead to higher prices.

However, it is also possible that EIP 1559 could cause some disruption to the network, leading to lower prices in the short-term. Overall, the long-term impact of EIP 1559 on Ethereum prices is uncertain but it has potential to be positive.

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