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What Is the Netflix Show About Bitcoin?

The Netflix show, “Bitcoin,” is about the digital currency and its underlying blockchain technology. The show explains how Bitcoin works and its potential impact on the global economy.

The show’s creator, Chris Robinson, is a big fan of Bitcoin and has been following the currency since its inception. He decided to make the show because he feels that Bitcoin is misunderstood by many people and he wanted to help educate others about it.

NOTE: WARNING: The Netflix show ‘What Is the Netflix Show About Bitcoin?’ may contain content that is not suitable for children. This show may feature topics related to cryptocurrency trading and investments, which may not be appropriate for young viewers. It is important to use discretion when choosing which shows to watch with children and consider their maturity level before watching this show.

The show does a great job of explaining the basics of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. It also covers some of the more controversial aspects of Bitcoin, such as its use for illegal activities.

Overall, the show is very informative and entertaining.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bitcoin, then you should definitely check out “Bitcoin” on Netflix.

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