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What Is the Difference Between Portfolio Balance and Available Balance in Coinbase?

Portfolio balance is the total value of all the assets in your Coinbase account. This includes any cryptocurrency, fiat currency, or tokens that you have bought or sold.

Your portfolio balance is always changing as the value of your assets goes up or down.

NOTE: WARNING: It is important to remember that the portfolio balance and available balance of a Coinbase account are two different things. The portfolio balance is the total market value of all the assets you have in your Coinbase account, including cryptocurrency, fiat currency, and any other assets you may have purchased. The available balance is the amount of money that you can currently spend or withdraw from your Coinbase account. It is important to understand the difference between these two balances in order to ensure that you are using your Coinbase account responsibly.

Available balance is the amount of money that you can immediately use to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. This includes any fiat currency that you have deposited into your Coinbase account, as well as any cryptocurrency that you have bought but not yet sold.

Your available balance may be different from your portfolio balance because it does not include any assets that are currently being held in open orders.

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