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What Is Isolated Margin in Binance?

Isolated margin is a term used in the cryptocurrency world that refers to an account type that allows users to borrowed funds from a exchange to trade digital assets. This is different from a regular margin account, where the user only has access to the funds they have deposited into the account.

With an isolated margin account, the user has access to both their deposited funds as well as the borrowed funds. This type of account is usually used by more experienced traders who are looking to take on more risk.

NOTE: WARNING: Isolated margin allows users to borrow funds to trade on Binance, which can result in losses that exceed their account balance. Trading with isolated margin is a high-risk strategy and is not suitable for all investors. Please ensure you understand the associated risks before trading with isolated margin.

The reason why an isolated margin account is more risky is because if the value of the digital assets falls, the user will still owe the money they borrowed from the exchange. This can lead to a situation where the user owes more money than what is in their account, which is known as a margin call.

If this happens, the exchange will automatically sell some of the user’s assets in order to cover the debt.

Isolated margin accounts can be a great tool for experienced traders who are looking to take on more risk. However, it is important to be aware of the risks involved before using this type of account.

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