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What Is Escrow in Bitcoin?

When you buy something with Bitcoin, the transaction usually goes through an escrow service. This protects the buyer by ensuring that they don’t send their Bitcoin to a scammer, and it protects the seller by ensuring that they don’t never receive the Bitcoin.

The way it works is that the buyer and seller agree on an amount of Bitcoin that the buyer will send to an escrow address. Once the buyer has sent the required amount of Bitcoin to the escrow address, the seller is then released their agreed upon amount of Bitcoin.

NOTE: WARNING: Bitcoin escrow services are not regulated and can be subject to scams or malicious activity. It is important to research the service you are considering and make sure it is legitimate. Additionally, users should take precautions to protect their personal information, such as keeping their Bitcoin wallets secure and ensuring that all communication with the escrow service is encrypted.

If for some reason the transaction doesn’t go as planned, then both parties can agree to cancel the transaction and have their respective Bitcoin refunded back to them.

In summary, escrow in Bitcoin is a way to protect both buyers and sellers in a transaction by using a third party to hold onto the Bitcoin until both parties have agreed that the transaction is successful.

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