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What Is Devcon Ethereum?

Devcon is an annual gathering of the Ethereum community. Attendees share their latest work and discuss the future of Ethereum.

The event is organized by the Ethereum Foundation.

The first Devcon was held in Berlin in November 2014. Since then, Devcon has been held in Cancun, Mexico; Shanghai, China; and Osaka, Japan.

This year’s Devcon will be held in Bogota, Colombia from October 9-13.

The Ethereum community comes together at Devcon to share their work and ideas for the future of Ethereum. This year’s event will feature over 200 talks and workshops on a variety of topics related to Ethereum development.

Some of the topics that will be covered at Devcon include:

Ethereum 2.0

Scalability solutions

Privacy on Ethereum

Ethereum in enterprise

Developer tools and frameworks

Security best practices

Application development on Ethereum

And much more!

If you’re interested in learning more about Ethereum or meeting other members of the community, Devcon is the perfect event for you. Register today and we’ll see you in Bogota!.

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