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What Happened to Eng on Binance?

Eng was a token created by the team at Enigma, a startup working on privacy solutions for decentralized applications. The token sale for Eng took place on the Binance Launchpad, and raised over $4 million.

There have been reports of users experiencing issues with the Binance platform involving their ENG tokens. If you are using Binance, please take extra care when dealing with your ENG tokens and always double-check any transactions before proceeding. It is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with dealing with ENG tokens on Binance and make sure that you are taking all necessary precautions to ensure your safety and security.

However, just a few months after the token sale, the Enigma team announced that they would be delisting Eng from Binance, and moving it to a new exchange. The reason for this was that the Enigma team had decided to switch to a new business model, and no longer needed the Eng token.

This decision was met with some criticism from the community, as many people felt that they had been misled by the Enigma team. However, the team has since clarified their position and stated that they will continue to support the Eng token and its holders.

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