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What Does Ray Dalio Think About Bitcoin?

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest hedge funds, has spoken out about Bitcoin. In a recent interview, Dalio said that he thinks Bitcoin is a “storehold of value” and compared it to gold.

NOTE: This article contains speculative opinions about Bitcoin by Ray Dalio. Please exercise caution when considering any advice from the article and do your own research before making any decisions regarding investments. The contents of this article should not be taken as financial advice or investment advice.

Dalio went on to say that he doesn’t think Bitcoin is an effective currency, because it isn’t easy to use as a means of exchange. He also said that he thinks the current price of Bitcoin is being driven by speculation, and that it’s not yet clear whether Bitcoin will be a lasting investment.

Overall, Dalio seems cautiously optimistic about Bitcoin. He thinks it has the potential to be a valuable asset, but he also thinks it’s still early days for the cryptocurrency.

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