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What Did Robert Kiyosaki Say About Bitcoin?

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has been a long-time advocate of investing in gold and silver. In a recent interview, he was asked about his thoughts on Bitcoin. Kiyosaki said that he sees Bitcoin as a “hedge against the system.” He went on to say that he thinks that Bitcoin is a good way to store value, and that it could become a global currency.

NOTE: This article discusses the opinion of Robert Kiyosaki, a financial guru, on Bitcoin. It is important to note that his opinion is only one point of view on the cryptocurrency, and that it should not be taken as financial advice. Furthermore, investing in Bitcoin comes with risks and you should be aware of these before making any decisions about your own investments. Investing in any asset carries risk and it is important to do your own research and make informed decisions before making any investment decisions.

However, he cautioned that investors should be careful with their investments, as the price of Bitcoin is very volatile. Overall, Kiyosaki believes that Bitcoin is a good investment, but one that should be approached with caution.

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