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Bitcoin hit an all-time high on Wednesday, propelled by a wave of institutional investment and increased public interest in the flagship cryptocurrency.

The price of bitcoin reached $49,714.06, according to data from Coin Metrics, a provider of digital asset market intelligence.

Bitcoin’s market capitalization, or the value of all bitcoins in circulation, also reached a record $916 billion.

The price of bitcoin has more than quadrupled over the past year as mainstream companies like Square and Tesla have invested in the cryptocurrency and large financial institutions have warmed to it. The surge has sparked a debate over whether bitcoin is in a bubble that could burst.

Bitcoin’s rally appears to be driven by several factors, including increasing institutional investment, rising public interest and dwindling supply.

Institutional investors have been buying up bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. The cryptocurrency has also been boosted by Tesla’s $1.

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5 billion investment announced last week and Square’s $50 million purchase announced earlier this month.

Interest from retail investors has also been on the rise. The number of new accounts at Coinbase, the largest U.S.

cryptocurrency exchange, more than doubled in the fourth quarter from a year earlier. And search interest in “bitcoin” on Google Trends is at its highest level since early 2019.

The supply of bitcoin is also tightening as more coins are held for long-term investment rather than traded for goods and services. The number of bitcoins held in wallets that send less than 25% of their coins has doubled over the past year to 20 million, according to Coin Metrics.

The combination of institutional investment, public interest and dwindling supply appears to be driving bitcoin’s price to new heights. Whether the rally can continue remains to be seen, but for now, bitcoin is on a tear.

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