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Was There a Bitcoin Flash Crash?

On May 19, 2017, the value of Bitcoin plummeted suddenly by over $200. This caused a lot of speculation as to whether or not there was a Bitcoin flash crash.

Some people believe that the crash was caused by a large sell order on the Bitfinex exchange. This sell order caused a domino effect, with other exchanges following suit and also crashing.

NOTE: WARNING: Bitcoin is a volatile asset and can be subject to sudden and drastic shifts in value. This is referred to as a “flash crash,” where prices drop significantly within a short period of time. Investing in Bitcoin carries significant risks, as such events may result in substantial losses for investors. Always make sure you understand the risks involved before investing in any asset.

Others believe that the crash was due to a problem with the way that Bitcoin transactions are verified. This problem caused a number of transactions to be stuck in limbo, which led to a decrease in confidence in Bitcoin and thus the crash.

Whatever the cause, the crash highlights some of the risks associated with investing in Bitcoin. While the value of Bitcoin has recovered since the crash, it is still volatile and subject to sudden changes in value.

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