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Is Tiger Coin on Coinbase?

Tiger coin is not currently on Coinbase. There are a variety of reasons why this may be the case. For one, Tiger coin is not as well known as some of the other cryptocurrencies that are on Coinbase.

NOTE: Warning: There is no such thing as “Tiger Coin” on Coinbase. Any claims that “Tiger Coin” is listed on Coinbase are false and should not be believed. Engaging in any transactions involving “Tiger Coin” may result in significant financial loss.

Additionally, Coinbase may be hesitant to add new coins that are not as well established as others in the market. Tiger coin also has a relatively small market cap compared to some of the other cryptocurrencies on Coinbase.

Overall, it seems unlikely that Tiger coin will be added to Coinbase in the near future. However, this could change if Tiger coin becomes more popular and gains more mainstream adoption.

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