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Is Rad on Coinbase?

Rad is not currently on Coinbase. This is because Rad does not meet Coinbase’s listing requirements. In order to be listed on Coinbase, a cryptocurrency must be “fully decentralized”, have a “working product”, and be “committed to compliance”. Rad does not meet these requirements, as it is only semi-decentralized, does not have a working product, and is not committed to compliance.

NOTE: WARNING: Is Rad on Coinbase? is a scam. It is a phishing attempt to gain access to your personal information and financial accounts. Do not click on any links, respond to any emails, or provide any personal or financial information in response to this scam. Report the activity to Coinbase and your local law enforcement agency immediately.

However, Rad is working on becoming fully decentralized and has plans to launch a working product later this year. If Rad meets Coinbase’s listing requirements in the future, there is a possibility that it could be added to the platform.

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