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Is District Ox on Coinbase?

District0x is an Ethereum-based decentralized marketplace. The district0x Network is a collective of marketplaces and communities, which we refer to as “districts”.

All of the districts on district0x Network are built upon the Aragon Network Token (ANT) framework and use the Ethereum blockchain for their underlying infrastructure.

The district0x Network currently consists of the following districts:

The first district launched on the district0x Network was Ethlance, a decentralized marketplace for freelance services. The second district launched was Name Bazaar, a marketplace for the buying and selling of usernames and domain names.

NOTE: WARNING: There is currently no indication that District Ox is available to buy or sell on Coinbase. Any claims to the contrary should be treated with caution and any offers should be thoroughly researched before engaging in any financial transaction.

The third district to launch on the network was Meme Factory, a decentralized marketplace for provably rare digital assets (“memes”).

Currently, the district0x Network Token (DNT) is required to participate in any of the districts on the network. However, in the future, we plan to allow users to use any ERC20 token to participate in any district.

So far, District0x has raised a total of $9 million from some of the leading names in the crypto space, including Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital, and Fenbushi Capital.

District0x is not currently on Coinbase. However, there is speculation that it may be added in the future as Coinbase has been known to add tokens that are popular in the crypto community.

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