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Is Dfinity Built on Ethereum?

The Dfinity project is built on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the Dfinity team has created their own blockchain that is designed to be more scalable and efficient than Ethereum.

The Dfinity blockchain is based on a new consensus algorithm called “Proof of Space and Time.” This algorithm is designed to allow the Dfinity network to process an unlimited number of transactions per second.

The Dfinity team has also created their own virtual machine, called the “Internet Computer,” which is designed to run decentralized applications more efficiently than Ethereum. The Internet Computer is powered by a new programming language called “Ivy.

” Ivy is a functional programming language that is designed to be more secure and efficient than existing languages like Solidity.

Overall, the Dfinity project appears to be very well thought out and organized. They have a clear vision for what they want to achieve, and they seem to have the technical expertise to make it happen.

I’m definitely excited to see what they can achieve in the coming years.

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