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Is CoinTracker Owned by Coinbase?

As of now, there is no official confirmation that Coinbase has acquired CoinTracker. However, there are many speculations in the crypto community that Coinbase might have acquired CoinTracker, considering the recent update on CoinTracker’s website which says that the platform is now “powered by Coinbase”.

Coinbase has not yet made any statement regarding this matter. If Coinbase has indeed acquired CoinTracker, it would be a strategic move by the exchange as CoinTracker is a popular crypto portfolio tracking platform with over 500,000 users.

NOTE: This question is difficult to answer definitively, as the ownership relationship between CoinTracker and Coinbase is not publicly known. It is possible that Coinbase owns a stake in or has an equity interest in CoinTracker, but this cannot be confirmed without an official statement from either company. Therefore, it is not recommended to make any decisions or investments based on this assumption.

CoinTracker allows users to track their cryptocurrency portfolios and get real-time insights into their performance. The platform also provides tax reports, which would be a valuable addition to Coinbase’s existing suite of products and services.

If Coinbase has acquired CoinTracker, it would be a positive development for the crypto community as it would provide more options for users to track their portfolios and get insights into the performance of their investments.

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