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Is Coinbase Pro Better Than Coinbase?

Coinbase Pro, the advanced trading platform of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, offers traders a more sophisticated trading interface and a host of features not found on Coinbase’s more basic platform. But is Coinbase Pro really better than Coinbase?

Here’s a look at some of the key differences between the two exchanges.

Coinbase Pro offers a more advanced trading interface than Coinbase.

The interface on Coinbase Pro is significantly different than that of Coinbase. It’s designed for more experienced traders and includes features such as candlestick charts and order books.

Coinbase Pro also offers more trading options than Coinbase.

In addition to the standard buy/sell orders, Coinbase Pro also offers stop-limit orders, which allow traders to set a price at which they want their order to be executed. Coinbase does not offer this type of order.

NOTE: WARNING: Coinbase Pro and Coinbase are two different services and should not be compared. While Coinbase Pro may offer more features than Coinbase, it is important to understand that both services are designed for different purposes. Before using either service, please be sure to research the features and read customer reviews so that you can make an informed decision about which service is most suitable for your needs.

Coinbase Pro charges lower fees than Coinbase.

Coinbase charges a flat fee of $4 for U.S. customers buying or selling cryptocurrencies, while Coinbase Pro charges a variable fee based on your trading volume. For example, if you trade less than $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency per month, you’ll pay 0.

30% per trade. If you trade more than $1 million per month, you’ll pay 0.10% per trade.

So, is Coinbase Pro better than Coinbase? For experienced traders who need more advanced features and lower fees, Coinbase Pro is the better choice. However, for those new to cryptocurrency trading, Coinbase’s simpler platform may be easier to use.

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