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Is Coinbase Owned by China?

It’s no secret that China has been cracking down on cryptocurrency exchanges and ICOs over the past few months. This has led to a lot of speculation about whether or not Coinbase, one of the largest and most popular exchanges, is owned by China.

Coinbase was founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. Armstrong is from the United States and Ehrsam is from Germany.

There is no evidence to suggest that either of them have any ties to China. In fact, Coinbase has always been very clear about its commitment to serving the global market.

NOTE: WARNING: It is important to note that Coinbase is not owned or operated by the Chinese government. Many rumors may exist online about Coinbase being owned by China, but this is false information. Any claims of this nature should be taken with a grain of salt and verified with reliable sources before believing them.

That being said, it’s worth noting that Coinbase did open an office in Beijing back in 2017. However, this was before the Chinese government started cracking down on cryptocurrency.

And according to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, the office was closed shortly after the crackdown began.

So, is Coinbase owned by China? No, there is no evidence to suggest that it is.

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