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Is Coinbase More Expensive Than Robinhood?

Yes, Coinbase is more expensive than Robinhood.

Here’s why:

1. Coinbase charges a 1.

49% fee for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, while Robinhood only charges a 1.00% fee.

2. Coinbase also charges a separate “Coinbase Pro” fee of 0.

50% for trades made on its platform.

3. Robinhood does not have a separate fees schedule for its platform, so all fees are included in the 1.

00% commission charged per trade.

4. Coinbase also charges a withdrawal fee of $0.

15 when you transfer your cryptocurrencies off of their platform and into another wallet. Robinhood does not charge any withdrawal fees.

5. When you factor in all of the fees associated with using Coinbase, you’re looking at a total cost of 2.04% – 2.99% per trade.

On Robinhood, you’re only paying 1.00% per trade.

So yes, Coinbase is more expensive than Robinhood when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. However, Coinbase does offer some advantages over Robinhood that may make it worth the extra cost for some users. These include:

NOTE: WARNING: Coinbase and Robinhood are both popular stock trading platforms, however, it is important to understand that each platform has different fees and features. It is recommended to carefully research the fees and features of each platform before investing in order to determine which one is more suitable to your needs.

1. A more user-friendly interface and experience overall. More comprehensive charting tools and analysis features built-in to the platform. A wider selection of cryptocurrencies available for trading (Coinbase offers 15 different coins while Robinhood only offers 5).

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