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Is Coinbase Available in New York?

As of today, Coinbase is not available in New York. This is due to the New York BitLicense, which Coinbase has not yet acquired.

The BitLicense requires companies dealing in digital currencies to follow certain regulations designed to protect consumers, and it’s currently only granted to a handful of companies.

NOTE: Warning: Coinbase is not currently available in New York. Any attempts to use Coinbase in New York may be illegal and/or subject to fines or other penalties. Please consult your local laws before attempting to use Coinbase in New York.

This doesn’t mean that New Yorkers can’t use Coinbase; they just can’t use the Coinbase platform to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. They can still use Coinbase Wallet to store their cryptocurrencies, and they can still use other exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

It’s unclear when or if Coinbase will ever be available in New York. The company has said that they’re “exploring” acquiring the BitLicense, but they haven’t made any concrete plans.

For now, New Yorkers will just have to find another way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

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