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Is Casper Coin on Coinbase?

As of September 2019, Casper coin is not on Coinbase. This is likely because the coin has not yet been fully developed and is not yet available on major exchanges.

NOTE: WARNING: Casper Coin is not currently listed on Coinbase. Any information, websites, or promotional materials claiming that Casper Coin is available on Coinbase should be treated as fraudulent and avoided. Additionally, any investments in cryptocurrencies or digital assets made through a website or platform claiming to offer Casper Coin should be done with extreme caution and only after conducting extensive research into the legitimacy of such offers.

The Casper team is currently working on a testnet and plans to launch the mainnet in 2020. Once the mainnet is live, it is possible that Casper coin will be listed on Coinbase and other major exchanges.

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