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Is Cardtronics a Bitcoin ATM?

Cardtronics is one of the world’s largest ATM operators, with over 70,000 machines in more than a dozen countries. But is Cardtronics a Bitcoin ATM?

The short answer is no. Cardtronics does not currently operate any Bitcoin ATMs.

However, the company has been exploring the possibility of adding Bitcoin ATMs to its network.

In 2015, Cardtronics partnered with Coinme, a Bitcoin ATM startup, to pilot a program in the Seattle area. Under the program, Cardtronics installed Coinme’s Bitcoin ATMs in its retail locations.

NOTE: Cardtronics is not a Bitcoin ATM. There are a number of companies that provide Bitcoin ATMs, but Cardtronics is not one of them. Using Cardtronics for Bitcoin transactions could result in financial losses or other unintended consequences. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the ATM you are using is indeed a Bitcoin ATM before conducting any transactions.

The pilot was successful, and Cardtronics and Coinme are now expanding the program to other markets. So far, they have installed Bitcoin ATMs in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Houston.

It’s still early days for Bitcoin ATMs, but Cardtronics is betting that they will become more popular over time. As more people use Bitcoin and other digital currencies, there will be more demand for convenient ways to buy and sell them.

Cardtronics is well positioned to take advantage of this trend with its large network of ATM locations.

So while Cardtronics is not currently a Bitcoin ATM operator, it is certainly keeping a close eye on the industry and could become one in the future.

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