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Is BSC an Ethereum?

BSC is not an Ethereum.

BSC is its own blockchain that is incompatible with the Ethereum network. BSC uses a different consensus algorithm (Proof of Stake vs.

Proof of Work), and has a different economic model.

BSC is not a fork of Ethereum, but rather a new blockchain that was built from scratch. However, BSC does borrow some concepts from Ethereum, such as smart contracts.

NOTE: WARNING: BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is NOT Ethereum. BSC is a blockchain platform with its own native token, BNB, and its own set of smart contracts. It is not compatible with Ethereum and cannot be used to interact with or use Ethereum-based applications.

The main difference between BSC and Ethereum is that BSC is focused on scalability, while Ethereum is focused on decentralization. BSC achieves scalability by using a smaller block size and by having fewer full nodes.

Ethereum achieves decentralization by having more full nodes and by using a sharding protocol.

In conclusion, BSC is not an Ethereum. They are two different blockchain projects with different goals.

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