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Is Ankr Part of Ethereum?

Ankr is not part of the Ethereum network.

Ankr is a distributed computing platform that utilizes idle resources from a global network of devices to power decentralized applications. The platform is designed to be scalable, efficient, and secure, and provides developers with the tools they need to build decentralized applications that can run on a variety of devices.

NOTE: WARNING: While Ankr is a network that utilizes Ethereum blockchain technology, it is not officially part of the Ethereum network. As such, it is important to research any Ankr related transactions thoroughly before participating in them, as they may not be covered by the same security measures and safeguards as official Ethereum transactions.

The Ankr network consists of two types of nodes: compute nodes and storage nodes. Compute nodes contribute their idle computing resources to the network, and are rewarded with Ankr tokens for their contributions.

Storage nodes provide storage space for the data generated by decentralized applications running on the network, and are also rewarded with Ankr tokens.

Ankr’s native token, ANKR, is used to pay for services on the network and is also used as a unit of account. The Ankr token sale took place in October 2017, and raised $15 million USD.

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